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RETeval LKC **Non-mydriatic ERG/PEV: Flash & Flicker** device

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12 150 €

ref : 6742
Year of mfg. : 2020
Country : France
Latest check up : 2023

Free delivery in metropolitan France

Possible installation on quotation


In perfect condition.
Like new.
Very little used.
Overhauled and OPHTAZON certified.
Supplied with 9 detection strips.

Technical description

Non-mydriatic ERG/PEV device: Flash & Flicker

The RETeval® device provides access to functional information through a completely new generation of visual electrophysiology tests.
It is the first fully portable ERG and VEP testing device for healthcare professionals.
Get objective information on the condition of your patients' eyes, with non-invasive, effective and reliable tests that will improve patient care and outcomes.

Ideal for both children and adults, the RETeval® device provides valuable information for more effective diagnosis and monitoring of eye pathologies.

Integrated age-adjusted normative data (reference intervals) provide physicians with valuable information to help them interpret and evaluate patient test results.

LKC's technology is ISCEV-compliant, FDA-approved and CE-marked.

The device features an exclusive DR (Diabetic Retinopathy) protocol for fast, easy and effective testing for diabetic retinopathy.

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