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RC-5000 Tomey **2009**

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ref : 7616
Year of mfg. : 2009
Country : France
Latest check up : 2023

Possible installation on quotation


Used equipment overhauled by our technical experts.
Fully functional.
In very good condition.

Technical description

The RC-5000 is a highly reliable automatic keratometer. Thanks to the electrically operated measuring head, you can operate and align the RC-5000 using the Power-Motion joystick and/or touchscreen - all in a fraction of a second. Highly accurate measurements, combined with short examination times and easy handling, make working with the TOMEY RC-5000 fast and professional.

Excellent features
Central and peripheral K-values
Color touch screen
Pupil and cornea ø measurement
Automatic alignment and measurement
Powerful motion joystick

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