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Tonoref III Nidek **2017** perfect condition

Buy now 16 500 €

ref : 9200
Year of mfg. : 2017
Country : France
Latest check up : 2024

Free delivery in metropolitan France

Possible installation on quotation


Used equipment inspected by our technical experts.
Fully functional.
In very good condition.
Nidek quality and reliability.

Technical description

4-in-1 measuring device integrating automatic measurements of objective spherocylindrical refractive error, keratometry, intraocular pressure and pachymetry. Multiple measurements in a single device!

- Refraction
Measurement over a large pupil area
Light with SLD diode and high-sensitivity CCD camera
Optimized scrambling to minimize accommodation
- Keratometry
Measurement using a double Placido ring sight
- Pachymetry
- Tonometry
Automatic IOP calculation and correction
Comfortable air jet
- Accommodation measurement
- Opacity measurement
- Easy-to-use screen
- Automatic 3D tracking and triggering
- Joystick for flexible alignment
- Easy eyelid access
- Wireless network (WLAN)

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