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Platform dedicated to used medical equipment for ophthalmology


The platform dedicated to used medical equipment for ophthalmology

OPHTAZON, the first medical equipment platform dedicated to ophthalmology, connects doctors or clinics wishing to sell their equipment with potential buyers regardless of the equipment for sale or the geographical location of sellers and buyers.

A lot of people on earth suffer from eye problems, not because of ignorance but just because of a lack of equipment available to doctors to diagnose or treat them.

Our goal is to help doctors have the equipment to provide the best possible eye care regardless of their geographic location

In creating OPHTAZON, our idea is to develop doctors' equipment that is no longer used to benefit doctors who really need it

The materials sold on the OPHTAZON platform are either reconditioned materials, equipment already used or demonstration materials sold by doctors, local dealers or manufacturers. But all the materials are fully functional or so this is clearly mentioned on the sales announcement.

Ophtazon, more than just a platform

OPHTAZON puts its expertise at your disposal to help you enhance your equipment.
Because we know that your job is very demanding and that you don't necessarily have time to take care of the resale of your materials, OPHTAZON is not just a platform linking a buyer and a seller.
Don't hesitate and contact us whether it's for the sale or your plans to buy equipment from a real specialist.

Fundamental values

Sering your satisfaction is our priority, be sure that our team is fully committed every day. Playing a major role in the world of ophthalmology is a real challenge. To achieve our goals, we have put in place 5 values:
- Professionalism
- Our clinical expertise
- Our technical expertise
- Responsiveness
- Efficiency

How does it work?

Tly, sellers put their ads online with just a few clicks and buyers choose the model most appropriate for their needs.

Thirst options are available to the seller:

  • The sale is made directly between the buyer and the seller.

    Ophtazon brings the lead contacts to the seller.

  • Ophtazon takes care of everything

    Building, financial transaction, removal of equipment, technical control, packaging and shipping...
    Our teams make sure the transaction goes smoothly

  • Ophtazon can even buy back your equipment.

    Demand us a buyout offer

Nous utilisons différentes technologies pour optimiser votre expérience utilisateur.
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