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How to sell my equipment?
To place an ad for your equipment, you must :
- Register or log in to your personal account.
- Click on "Sell".
- Fill in the form with all the mandatory fields marked with * (the more precise you are, with the description of your item, more confident buyers are when buying).
- Add photos to make your ad more attractive (an ad with photos is 7 times more viewed than without photos).
- Click on "Save my ad". An email notification will be sent to you to inform you the ad has been taken into account by Ophtazon and that it will be reviewed within the next 24/48 hours. Once reviewed, a new email will be sent to confirm your ad has been approved or rejected. When you submit your ad, a personal account will be automatically created for you (unless your email address already belongs to an existing account).
The item reference I want to sell is not within the list of equipment. How to deal with?
The number of item references in ophthalmology field is significant. We cannot provide you the full list and some items are missing. That's why we recommend you to email us ( all details (brand, model and category) of item you want to sell. Upon receipt of your request, we will register the item in order to proceed with registration of your ad.
What is the difference between "direct sale" and "OPHTAZON certified sale ?
The seller choose the best option for the sale of his item. "A direct sale" allows you to be personally in touch with the seller to get the best price. "An OPHTAZON certified sale" means our technical and sales teams will be your main contacts to make the purchase a success.
I want a financial appraisal of ophthalmic items.
To get the financial appraisal of your items, first go to the "Services" page and click on the "Estimate" icon. Fill in the empty fiels as category, brand, model, year of manufacture and frequency of use. After payment of the evaluation fees, you will receive the financial appraisal by email within 48 hours.
I have selected an item sold directly by the seller. No answer to this day. What is the next step?
The seller, who has chosen a direct sale, is free to contact potential buyers. The seller has been informed of your enquiry. He has received an email asking him to pay the commission off in order to get your details. Upon receipt of the payment, we will forward him your information. But he's probably got a lot of requests. Just give him the time to contact you.
I would like to remove one of my sales ads
Easy. For the moment, please email us at until you can do by yourself in your account.
Who can help me to price my equipment?
Easy, go to the "Services" page and have your equipment evaluated. An answer will be given to you within 24/48 hours.

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