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I want OPHTAZON to install my equipment.
Easy. First book the equipment through the website to avoid someone ordering it instead of you. Then, you will receive an email confirmation asking you if you need the installation. At that time, give us all required details to make you satisfied.
Can you store my order while I am completing my order?
Of course we can. We can keep your items until you can receive them. Storage fees are free of charge the first month. Afterwards, 20€/month per equipment and 50€/month per ophthalmic unit will be charged from month 2.
I want to make a donation of the sale of my equipment to a humanitarian association.
That's great. We will collect your functional equipment at your practice free of charge (in France). We put them on sale on The amount of the sale will be allocated to the association of your choice (OPHTAZON commission deducted).
How will the money of my donation be paid to the association?
OPHTAZON will make directly the payment to the association of your choice once the sale is completed. Then you will directly receive a donation
- receipt from the association.
I want to move my practice. How to proceed?
Email us at List exactly all equipment you want to move. Please add as many pictures as you can + give us both addresses. Don't forget to mention details, accesses & facilities (floor, elevator, parking.....).

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